This story will be divided into 4 parts :

Linear regression is a way to explain the relationship between a dependent variable(Y) and one or more explanatory variables(X) using a straight line. It is a special case of regression analysis. Linear regression was the first type of regression analysis to be studied rigorously.

It is one of the simplest, yet very powerful Algorithm if used for the right problem.

We will look at all the aspects of this algorithm :
1. Conditions for using Linear Regression
2. Assumptions
3. Objective
4. Equation for Linear Regression
5. Inferring the Different model outputs
6. Evaluating the Model

We will look at…

What is Time Series Data ?

Time series data (Time-stamped data), is a sequence of data points indexed in time order. Time-stamped is data collected at different points in time.

These data points typically consist of successive measurements made from the same source over a time interval and are used to track change over time.

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1. Introduction

The data was originally acquired from the Premier League website and is representative of seasons 1993–94 to 2017/18. and contains various statistical data such as final and half time result, Goals scored by Home and Away teams.

Source :

I would like to explain the various data analysis operation which have been performed on this data set and how to conclude which factors contribute to the Result of a football game.We will be taking Data of only 1 season here (2003–2004 Season).

Before going into any details, let us first take a look at which variables…

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